Vaccine Consult with Dr. Halldorson

The vaccine consult is an information session. The goal is to help answer any questions regarding vaccination from parents, patients and their care providers. This is done in an open and non-judgmental way; patients are able to ask questions not normally answered during a regular consult. Dr Halldorson will take the time to review current and accurate information about:

  • Vaccine preventable diseases
  • The current BC vaccine schedule
  • Vaccination contraindications
  • The difference between immunization and immune support
  • Answers to any other questions that you may have.

Too often, parents find conflicting information regarding vaccines from various sources. Unfortunately, information from these sources may or may not be accurate. That is why I offer this visit, to sift through the information and help parents become comfortable with vaccines. It is a place to ask any question that you may have and to address any specific concerns. Dr Halldorson holds expertise in naturopathic treatments and is certified from the BC Centre for Disease Control on immunization.

Note that no specific treatment information is discussed, nor are any vaccines administered during this visit. Dr. Halldorson supports the current BC CDC Vaccine Schedule.

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