Extended Health Benefits and Direct Billing

My goal is to make naturopathic medicine as accessible as possible. One of the ways I make it easier for you to receive care is by offering direct billing for your extended health benefits. This service is offered, free of charge, for the following insurance companies:

  • Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan
  • Green Shield Canada
  • The Great West Life Assurance Corporation
  • Industrial Alliance
  • Manulife
  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • Sun Life Financial
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How Does Direct Billing Work?

As a patient, you will need to bring your extended health information to your appointments. The reception can then record that information and set up direct billing through a secure online portal. After each treatment, we will submit the total amount to be claimed through the online portal, and your benefits provider will inform us the exact amount that your insurance company will cover. You are responsible for any amount that is not covered by the benefits provider at time of treatment.

What Information is Required?

Patients must provide their policy number and Member ID in order for us to submit their claim through an online insurance portal. Typically, most benefits providers will issue you a Policy Card. Please bring this card with you to your appointments.

Will I Need To Pay Anything?

The answer depends on your individual extended health benefits plan. Some plans provide 100% coverage, while others provide less. You will have to pay the portion of the cost that is not covered by your benefits plan, according to the online insurance portal’s reply to our claim submission.

For example, if you have coverage for 80% of your $75 visit fee, you will pay $15 (the portal will “pay” the remaining $60 directly to the clinic). There may also be limits or a deductible that you have to pay before coverage begins.  Please check with your benefits provider to find out your specific coverage.

On occasion, there may be a delay in setting up your direct billing account. You will be asked to pay for your visit in full, but will be reimbursed by your Benefits provider directly.

Can You Check What My Benefits Cover, Or How Many Visits Are Covered?

No. The direct billing portal is designed for clinics to submit your at time of payment. It does not inform us of statements, limits or policies. It works very similar to a credit card terminal – it can collect the payment but it cannot check the card balance or tells us the terms of your agreement. If you are unsure of your coverage, remaining balance, deductible or any other benefits related policies, you must contact your benefits provider directly.

Will I Get A Receipt If You Direct Bill For Me?

Yes. We provide receipts for our treatments, whether they were billed directly to insurance plans or not. We can print your receipt or send an electronic receipt via email.